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Caramel peanut, ideal for beer and ale
130 rub. / 100 gr.
Croutons to beer
Garlic croutons served with cheese sauce
110 rub. / 100/50 gr.
Beef carpaccio
Classic beef carpaccio served with ginger sauce and arugula
360 rub. / 180 gr.
Salmon carpaccio
Classic salmon carpaccio with arugula leaves and lemon
350 rub. / 180 gr.
Squid rings
Rings of squid fries served with Heinz ketchup
250 rub. / 160/50 gr.
Chicken Wings BBQ
Spicy French fries with signature BBQ sauce
310 rub. / 350 gr.
Chicken slices
Tender slices of chicken with a crispy crust. Served with BBQ sauce
240 rub. / 180/50 gr.
Onions rings
Onion rings, breaded, deep fried. Served with sauce
220 rub. / 150/50 gr.
Mussels in tomato sauce
Mussels, stewed in tomato sauce, served with onion and garlic baguette
290 rub. / 300 gr.
Nut mix
Peanuts, corn grains, almonds, hazelnuts and cashews with BBQ taste
150 rub. / 100 gr.
Beer plate
Garlic croutons, chicken strips, onion rings, caramel peanuts. Served with cheese sauce and barbecue sauce
650 rub. / 500gr.
Posikunchiki pies
Meat pies
285 rub. / 160/60/50/50 gr.
Cheese sticks
Mozzarella sticks, deep fried, served with tomato and cheese sauce
180 rub. / 150/50 gr.
Warm cheese balls with raspberry sauce
230 rub. / 150/50 gr.
Tiger prawns in beer batter
Deep fried and served with chili sauce and garlic Aioli
495 rub. / 250/50/50 gr.
Herring fillet on toast
350 rub. / 250 gr.
180 rub. / 80 гр.
Slices of pork
English beer snacks. Slices of pork cooked according to the ancient recipe
150 rub. / 100 gr.
Greek salad
Tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, paprika, lettuce and feta cheese
270 rub. / 280 gr.
Salad Cole Slaw
Classic salad, perfect as a separate dish, and can be a garnish to many hot dishes
150 rub. / 200 gr.
Salad with spicy chicken BBQ
Salad mix, cheese sauce, poached egg, vegetables, spicy chicken breast, BBQ sauce
295 rub. / 240 gr.
The arugula salad with beef tongue
Arugula salad, boiled beef tongue, cherry tomatoes, warm grilled vegetables, ginger sauce
320 rub. / 200 gr.
Salad with salted salmon and cheese balls
Salad mix, arugula, warm cheese balls, vegetables, salted salmon, oyster sauce
390 rub. / 240 gr.
Salad with warm cheese and chicken
Warm cheese, lettuce, tender chicken, pine nuts and raspberry sauce
395 rub. / 250 gr.
Salad with tiger prawns
Lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, fried tiger prawns, Parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, salad dressing
455 rub. / 230 gr.
Salad steak with warm veal and nuts
Lettuce, vegetables, roasted beef tenderloin, pesto sauce, olive oil, nut mix, asparagus
410 rub. / 280 gr.
Salad warm roll
Salad mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, radish, sesame, oyster sauce, warm rolls of salmon and cream cheese
370 rub. / 250 gr.
Caesar salad with chicken
A classic recipe. Juicy lettuce combined with tender chicken, Caesar dressing, garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese
350 rub. / 240 gr.
Caesar salad with salmon
Juicy lettuce combined with tender slices of salmon fillet, Caesar dressing, garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese
420 rub. / 230 gr.
The goulash soup
Meat nourishing soup, served with sour cream and Parmesan cheese
210 rub. / 300 gr.
Soup-cream of spinach
170 rub. / 300/10 gr.
Soup-cream of mushroom
Gorgeous cream soup with forest mushrooms
190 rub. / 300/10 gr.
Soup-cream of pumpkin
180 rub. / 300/10 gr.
Fish soup
Classic fish soup of three fish species: salmon, cod and halibut
240 rub. / 300 gr.
Бургеры , сэндвичи и тортилья
Big Burger
420 rub. / 420/100/50 gr.
Burger with veal
440 rub. / 350/100/50 gr.
Burger with pork cutlet
370 rub. / 400/100/50 gr.
Signature Burger
Signature cutlet of marbled beef, Cheddar cheese, bacon, egg, onion, sauce
450 rub. / 450/100/50 gr.
Classic Burger
355 rub. / 350/100/50 gr.
Sandwich with chicken and bacon
Toast, cheese sauce, bacon, chicken fillet, lettuce
170 rub. / 180 gr.
Sandwich with salmon
Harris toast, smoked salmon, cucumbers, sauce
190 rub. / 170 gr.
Сэндвич с тунцом
Harris toast, canned tuna, cucumbers, sauce
150 rub. / 180 gr.
Tortilla Mexico
Tortilla, chicken strips, tomatoes, cucumbers, hot sauce
240 rub. / 240 gr.
Tortilla with chicken
Tortilla, cheese sauce, lettuce, fried chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes
240 rub. / 240 gr.
Tortilla with salmon
Tortilla, salmon, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese sauce
260 rub. / 240 gr.
Tortilla with veal
Tortilla, veal, tomatoes, cucumbers, Pesto sauce, cheese sauce
250 rub. / 240 gr.
365 rub. / 350/100/50 gr.
Горячие блюда
English Breakfast
During the whole day. The best Breakfast in the world! Egg, slices of bacon, homemade sausage, Cole Slaw, fool in tomato, toast
370 rub. / 450 gr.
Beef Stroganoff
Beef tenderloin fried with onions, young potatoes, mushrooms and cream sauce
420 rub. / 250 gr.
Grilled Dorado
Served with lemon and pesto sauce
490 rub. / 280 gr.
Lamb sausages grilled
Served with French fries, Cole slow salad and sauce
450 rub. / 180/100/100/50 gr.
Beef sausages grilled
Sausages grilled, served with French fries, salad Cole Slaw and sauce
425 rub. / 180/100/100/50 gr.
Homemade grilled sausages
Served with French fries, Cole slow salad and sauce
390 rub. / 180/100/100/50 gr.
Marble beef sausages
Served with French fries, Cole slow salad and sauce
490 rub. / 180/100/100/50 gr.
Chicken sausages grilled
Sausages grilled, served with French fries, salad Cole Slaw and sauce
350 rub. / 180/100/100/50 gr.
Grilled pork sausages
Served with French fries, Cole slow salad and sauce
370 rub. / 180/100/100/50 gr.
Grilled salmon
Grilled salmon fillet with rosemary and garlic. Served with lemon and spicy arugula
630 rub. / 130/50 gr.
BBQ Pork ribs grilled
Grilled pork ribs baked with BBQ sauce. Served with marinated cabbage and baked potatoes
650 rub. / 600/300/50/50 gr.
Grilled river trout
Served with lemon and salsa sauce
380 rub. / 200/50/20 gr.
Chopped marbled beef steak
Chopped steak of marble beef, grilled to perfection. Served with egg and arugula
370 rub. / 170/20 gr.
Knuckle of pork
Pork knuckle baked with BBQ sauce. Served with pickled cabbage, olives, horseradish and mustard sauce
630 rub. / 1000/300/100 gr.
Breaded pork chop
Pork chop, roasted and baked in the oven with thyme and garlic. Served with salad mix and tomato sauce
380 rub. / 250/50 gr.
Сибас гриль
550 rub. / 340 gr.
Beef steak
Grilled beef fillet steak marinated with mustard and garlic. Served with meat sauce and spicy arugula
570 rub. / 150/30/30 gr.
Chicken steak with mustard sauce
Marinated chicken fillet, grilled, served with mustard sauce
265 rub. / 150 gr.
Marble beef rib eye steak
Grilled, served with arugula and meat sauce
1100 rub. / 200/30/50 gr.
Steak Striploin of marbled beef
Grilled, served with meat sauce and arugula
850 rub. / 180/30/30 gr.
Grilled halibut fillet
Grilled halibut fillet served with baked vegetables
450 rub. / 150/50 gr.
Fish and Chips
Fillet of fresh white fish, fried in a special beer batter, served with large chunks of French fries
370 rub. / 180/150/20 gr.
Quiche with chicken
Open pie made of shortcake dough with vegetables and smoked chicken breast
210 rub. / 250 gr.
Quiche with salmon and shrimps
Open pie made of shortcake dough with smoked salmon and shrimps
250 rub. / 250 gr.
Quiche with spinach and mushrooms
Open pie made of shortcake dough with spinach and mushrooms
190 rub. / 250 gr.
Fried potatoes
200 rub. / 200 gr.
French fries
170 rub. / 150/30/30 gr.
Grilled vegetables
190 rub. / 200 gr.
Rice with vegetables
140 rub. / 150 gr.
Rice with spinach
140 rub. / 150 gr/
Roasted beans
140 rub. / 150 gr.
Tomato ketchup Heinz
50 rub. / 50 gr.
Barbecue sauce
50 rub. / 50 gr.
Spicy sauce
50 rub. / 50 gr.
Cheese sauce
50 rub. / 50 gr.
Tomato sauce
50 rub. / 50 gr.
Ice cream
Vanilla ice cream balls served with raspberry sauce
150 rub. / 150/40 gr.
Brownie Cake
Classic brownie. Served with mint and roasted hazelnuts
170 rub. / 100 gr/
Honey cake
Sand cakes, cream, honey, mint
150 rub. / 200 gr.
150 rub. / 150 гр.
Puff pastry, apples, pine nuts, ground cinnamon. Served with vanilla ice cream
150 rub. / 150 gr.
Блюда на компанию
Ассорти гриль
Колбаски из говядины, курицы, свинины. Ребра гриль, Куриные крылья, Картофель фри, Микс из моркови и сельдерея, Соус сырный, Соус барбекю.
1490 rub. / 1370 gr.
Ассорти колбасок гриль
540 rub. / 560/80 гр.
Микс из моркови и сельдерея
150 rub. / 100 гр.
Пивной сет
Шкварки фирменные , Гренки, Сырные палочки, Картофель фри, Крендель Мюнхенский, Микс моркови и сельдерея, соус Сырный, соус Томатный.
750 rub. / 800 гр
Сырная тарелка
Сырные шарики "Филадельфия", Сырные палочки "Моцарелла", Копченый сыр "Косичка", Сыр "Пармезан", Сыр треугольники "Чеддер, соус Малиновый, соус Томатный, Грецкие орехи.
850 rub. / 600 гр.
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